The charcters...

Greg Heffley

Greg is the main character of the story. He is a kid who wants to be popular; Greg is a regular kid who has just started middle school. He has trouble with his family, His Mum and dad are embarrassing and always trying to get involved with his life, his brothers are annoying, they always get away with bad things, while leaving Greg to take the blame.

Rowley Jefferson

Rowley is a really dorky kid with really dorky parents. His parents are overprotective and try to keep him away from Greg because they think his trouble. Greg does always get Rowley into his fair share of trouble.

Mrs heffley

Mrs Heffley is the mother of Greg, she is a very embarrassing parent who is always trying to get involved with Greg. Mrs Heffley is very protective over Manny (Gregs baby brother), When ever Manny draws on Gregs things, Mrs Heffley just says it was a present for you, or its not his fault.

Rodrick Heffley

Rodrick is Gregs older brother. Greg and Rodrick do not get along, Rodrick is always trying to trick Greg, or he is pulling pranks or getting Greg in trouble.
Rodrick plays in a horrible band named Loaded Diper.

Manny Heffley

Manny is Gregs little brother, he never gets in trouble. When Manny should get in trouble its always Greg or Rodrick who is getting in trouble. Manny is also very annoying, for example... When he was younger and he was starting to potty train, Greg told him that there was a monster in the toilet, now Manny sits on his portable toilet and poops right in front of the TV when Greg's trying to watch it.